November 18, 2018
ZJ-Team Welcomes You to our Blog. We do not try to be original, because the originality is underestimated, we try to be the same, the same as you.

What does this mean?



Well... we're trying to present you the most interesting and weirdest products on the market, all that would be interesting to you is interesting to us too.


We are nerds

So are you,but you still do not know it, and if it not so, why you secretly look at all those wonderful figures of ninja turtles? Or maybe you're looking for a mobile phone with whom can you drive a car?

+18 Gifts

We find adult gifts that will release out your perverse fantasies and turn them into reality. You can order them for your Tinder partner, or for you. If you have less than 18 years, fuck off from this part of the site.


If you want to write us some crazy shit, be our guest

Also if you would like to advertise some of your product that is completely crazy, you can do it now for free, and we can create a page specifically for your product on our site … what a hell, we can do it for you and it completely free … Soon more about this and other free offers for you … for which you will not believe they exist on the Internet ..

Your wacky ZJ-Team

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