Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug
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Temperature Control Travel Mug by Ember

December 3, 2018

We all know how much we like the first morning coffee. So let your coffee be warm with Temperature Control Travel Mug. Wherever you go, whether you are late or you just do not want to separate from this hot drink, pour coffee into the Temperature Control Travel Mug and start the day.


Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug



Precise – Ember keeps your Coffee or tea at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last.

Simple – Ember is simple and elegant. No buttons or complicated instructions. Just rotate the dial at the bottom of the mug to adjust your temperature.

Control your temperature. Taste the difference.

Ember can be controlled on its own or through the app. The Ember app allows you to name your mug, create temperature presets, choose notification preferences, and much more.

The Ember Mug uses seven temperature sensors, a rapid cooling system, a microprocessor-controlled heating system, temperature settings and presets to control the exact temperature of your drink.


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