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carma sutra in the car

Carma Sutra: The Auto-Erotic Handbook
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Carma Sutra: The Auto-Erotic Handbook

November 22, 2018

Carma Sutra in the car .. really? 

I swear to God that nothing  fancier could happen to lovers of unrestrained sex at the parking lot.

I mean, think a bit about this.

If you read this book from cover to cover, you can become a ninja sex expert for car fucking.

Carma Sutra in the car: Provides practical advice and illustrated diagrams of sexual positions for safe and enjoyable lovemaking in a series of specific car models.

Carma Sutra

But let’s make a good example: You have lost all gasoline, in the middle of nowhere,and you are alone with your wife or girlfriend in the car.

What else is left for you? Get the best out of a sneaky situation.

At that moment your superior power comes to full potential. Prove to your wife or girlfriend that you are the best of all the lovers she has had in the last month.

How many poses can you change in 10 minutes (if you’re lucky), thanks to the persistent reading of this book at lunch breaks?

Enough my brother enough…