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StrongBoard Balance

February 1, 2019

StrongBoard Balance: The Balance Board Pros Use.

StrongBoard Balance offers Next Level Balance Trainin for everyone. This genius board will improve your balance, increase reaction time, and burn calories simply by standing on it.


StrongBoard Balance Board, Black/Red



Get Better Results, Faster

If you want to be in the best shape of your life you need StrongBoard Balance, the only balance platform in the world to feature Multi Spring Technology. Standing on our board requires total core engagement, and burns tons of calories. Add basic exercises and experience amazing results quickly! Tone muscles, melt fat, improve reaction time, and look better faster with our multi-spring technology.



Flat Platform = Safer Workout

StrongBoard Balance offers users a flat platform with a rubber grip for a safe and efficient workout. The flat surface mimics real life conditions while maintaining natural joint and ligament positions that will not allow supination or strain. Regular use of StrongBoard will turn weaknesses into strengths, boost agility and prevent injury.



Sports Training

Are you looking for a competitive edge? Training with StrongBoard Balance will result in faster times, harder hits, more consistent shots and all around better performance. Whether you are into hockey, golf, basketball, soccer, tennis, mixed martial arts, or any competitive sport, training with StrongBoard Balance will give you the advantage.


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