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Puzzle Pod Cryptex – Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

December 3, 2018

No more boring, unimaginative gifts for family, friends, and coworkers!Have fun with your friends, and closest to this unique and very interesting (we can call it) piggy bank – Puzzle Pod Cryptex-brainwork ! Just figure out the code and watch how the treasure hunt begins!


4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin Bank



It will require some brainwork on your part in setting up a personalized mystery challenge.
Likewise, it requires brainwork on the part of the person receiving it, who has to solve your clues.
The challenge of the game doesn’t have to be very difficult and can be made easier, especially if you are giving it to a child.
They’ll just need to work a bit, before getting their gift.You’ll choose and set your own five letter code word that allows the puzzle to be unlocked and the bottle to be removed.

In Puzzle Pod you can put:

  • gift card holder
  • gift certificates
  • cash
  • small toys, stuffed animals 
  • chocolate
  • jewelry 
  • watches 
  • smart phones 
  • car keys
  • concert/sporting/theater tickets 
  • and much more

Puzzle Pod makes a great gift for Hanukkah, Christmas, birthdays, graduation, retirement, anniversary, groomsman, and more. You can ship your present well ahead of time of a special day and allow them to open the package early – because they won’t be able to get to what’s wrapped up inside just yet. Then time your clues so that they start out hard and obscure at first and then gradually become easier as the special day approaches.

These make fun gifts for employee appreciation, company parties, or given to clients during the holiday season.If you are exhibiting at a trade show, you can give clues to attendees and attract them back to your booth to crack the code and win what’s inside.

Drive traffic to your website or brick and mortar retail store by setting up a game on your website, blog posts, news feeds, social media, advertisements or by coming into your store.


Check it out – Amazon.com
Check it out – Amazon UK


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