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Elevation Training Mask by TRAININGMASK

January 12, 2019

Elevation TrainingMask Original’s brings the power of breathing training and conditioning to your workouts. Using the TrainingMask Original’s consistently in your exercise routine will improve respiratory power and breathing. Better breathing while training leads to increased stamina, endurance, workout capacity, and enhanced recovery. Stay stronger longer and reach your goals faster with TrainingMask.


Elevation Training Mask by TRAININGMASK



TrainingMask Original’s multi-level resistance loads the respiratory muscles by adding friction to inhaled air through its patented flux valve system. Increasing your inhalation load while training is like lifting weights for your breathing muscles. More respiratory power and stronger breathing muscles will supercharge your stamina and endurance. TrainingMask Original’s multi-patented flux valve technology offers six levels of resistance which allows you to work on breathing power, inspiratory muscle strength, and breathing technique. The lightweight and comfortable design of TrainingMask Original makes it a perfect addition to most forms of exercise from strength workouts to cardiovascular training.




Never compromise. No excuses. Now is the time to attack your workouts with intensity. HIIT sessions burn more calories and build more muscle than any other form of training – and TrainingMask makes you great at HIIT workouts by improving your ability to sustain high intensity exertion for longer. Conquer even the toughest workouts with ease by harnessing the power of Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) using the TrainingMask family of breathing trainers.


Workout capacity is what prevents us from being the person in spinning class that has to stop during the hard part while everyone else is still going. It’s also what prevents us from being the person on the basketball court that is jogging to other end instead of running in the final minutes because we have nothing left. Using the TrainingMask in your workouts will decrease the impact of fatigue in your training sessions by increasing your threshold potential, activity strength at exhaustion, and stamina. TrainingMask helps you to dig deeper in your workouts so you can get results FASTER.




Not pro or a fitness superstar? No problem. Breathing power and efficiency is the limiting factor in almost everyone’s workouts – they just don’t know it. The TrainingMask Original has 6 levels of graded resistance that can take a novice to a seasoned fitness warrior with continued use. Nothing will teach you how to win the mental battle against the fatigue like a TrainingMask will. Take the TrainingMask challenge today and take your fitness to the next level.


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