Aurai-The World's 1st Cooling and Heated Water-Propelled Eye Massager
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Cooling and Heated Water-Propelled Eye Massager by Aurai

February 11, 2019

Aurai is the world’s 1st Cooling and Heated Water-Propelled Eye Massager, award-winning eye massager, powered by the patented water-waving system. The cool and warm compresses help stimulating blood circulation and relax the muscle tension around your eyes. It’s truly a great companion to release your stress and calm your mind from your busy routines.


 Aurai-The World's 1st Cooling and Heated Water-Propelled Eye Massager


Soft-Touching Water Bag Design

  • Adopts with breathable hypoallergenic silicone material (medical grade) to reduces skin irritation and prevents allergies.
  • Soft-Touching design is the best solution for it to fit in your face without feeling the oppression or loosed.
  • Unique eye socket design can completely cover your eyes, which deliver water temperature and water-waving in most effective way.



The benefits of warm compress and cool compress

Warm compress:

  • Relieve the eye fatigue, sore eyes and headache which caused by long using time on screens.
  • Helps the discomfort from dry eye symptoms.
  • Relax the muscle tension and improve sleeping quality.

Cool Compress:

  • Helps the itchy eyes or red eye which caused by allergies or air pollution.
  • Reduce the dark circles under eyes which caused by late night sleep.
  • Alleviate the eye inflammation.
  • Reduce the puffy eye which caused by lack of sleep or bad sleeping quality.


Temperature transfer system

Aurai temperature transfer system creates consistent temperatures with projected results to either hot, cold treatment courses.

Unique wave massage system

While other eye massagers uses rigid vibration, Aurai utilizes water circulation and waves to massage your eyes and reduce strain.



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